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Single Gas Detectors, Multi Gas Detectors, LNG/LPG, H2, Xylene Gas Leak Detector​s

Made in South Korea


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Gas Detection Tubes Kitagawa, Draeger, MSA
MultiGas Detectors
LNG/LPG Gas Leak Detectors
Halogen HFC/CFC/HCFC Gas Leak Detectors
Portable Emissions Analyzers
Portable Combustion Gas Analyzers

Portable Air Quality Tester Kits

Gas Detection Tubes
Kitagawa, Draeger, MSA
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Carbon Monoxide and Flammable gas monitors that require no routine bump testing, never need to be calibrated and offer a five year warranty that includes both the sensor function and its calibration.​

Made in USA

Gas Tubes - Complete Line of Kitagawa Products‎

Made in Japan

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